We started out with little more than an idea

...and the help of a few incredible partners. It takes a pretty awesome group of people to bring you the machines we do, day in and day out.  Expert mechanics, skilled painters, a knowledgable committed sales team, and strong community ties.  Here at RJC, we love nothing more pour into our local schools and organizations that give back.  We give back to the community that built us. 

We create the kind of relationships that are long lasting, inside and outside the business.  The world is always evolving, and so are we.  No matter how much we grow or all the new things we learn, we’ll never forget the core values that led to our success. It’s something you can’t really put into numbers. It's what people say about is and what they think when they see our logo. At RJC, we want to maintain a reputation for delivering real-world results that ultimately allows us to create a meaningful difference around us.